A giant THANK YOU to so many of you (in detail)

There have been many incredible supporters of this project over the last year. I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to all of you!!! It has taken an incredible amount of volunteer hours to get to where we are, and I can finally, confidently say that we are going somewhere special, thanks to all of you.

The Thank You’s below are in no particular order.

Donations to Going to Seed, $1000 or more
Masha Zager

Going to Seed website
Anna Bonner Mieritz

$500 or more:
Brett Seligman
Matt Collum

$100 or more:
Rebecca Newburn, Kay Everts, Isabelle Harl, Jose Maldonado, Dorine Real, Michaun Pierre, Justin. Pam Sherman, Keri Dickson, Debbie A, Kay Everts, Paul Brumbaum, Robby Moors, Maarten Foubert, Steve Larson, Laura Green, Geoffrey Reimann, Joe Couling, Michael Crown, Shadiya Kingerlee, James Whiting, Caroline McCampbell, Ray South, Cheryll McGaffin, Serpent Rainbow, Karl Hagen, Michael Mindes.

Building the next course:
Marcos Cortez Bacilio (writing and building lessons, taking videos)
Bartolo Merino Hernandez, Inocencia Ortiz Bautista (videos)
Steve Larson (supporting Marcos in all aspects)
Debbie Ang (correcting English translation)
Alma Naylor (correcting English translation)
Aylin (video transcriptions and subtitling)
Julia Dakin

Bringing the seed distribution project into existence!
Anna Bonner Mieritz (organization of people, planning, building the site, mailing all packages)
Joseph Lofthouse (building the network of people that is looking for, planting and contributing seeds).


Document and Course Editing
Robin Stewart (Dr White, Microbe Course)
Masha Zager (editing and blog posts)
Christopher Weeks (editing writing and course material)
Debbie A (course and fiscal sponsor applications)
Leslie Scrimshaw (edited the free tester course)
Skot Colacicco (first course edits, photo contributions)
Emma Calvert (creating social content)
Jori Love (LandraceGardening.com website)
Nisendeh Neta (early course feedback)

Interviews and lessons
Mark Reed
Holly Silvester
Emma Calvert
Lauren Ritz
Nancy Kost

Being the most helpful people in the community awards!!
Mark Reed
Emily Sorensen
Greenie/Erin DeShong (moving lots of great content from Thinkific!)
Joseph Lofthouse
Joseph Larson
Justin .
William Schlegal

Tanja Eskildson, Emma Calvert, Masha Zager
Promotional videos and content for social media: Wojciech Gorny
Brochure: Katie, Bramblewood Hill

Taking on the bookkeeping and banking role, and keeping things legal as we turn into a non profit:
Debbie Ang

Advisory Board:
Joseph Lofthouse
Julia Dakin
Anna Bonner Mieritz
Erin DeShong
Lowell McCampbell
Debbie A
Masha Zager
Kim Rocking
Holly Hanson
Erin DeShong

Seed Stewards: For collecting seeds, mixing grexes, taking photos, writing descriptions, and filling hundreds of packets of seeds.
Christopher Weeks
Anphlo Dubouloz
Julia Dakin
Joseph Lofthouse
Anna Mieritz
Kim Wolf
Lowell McCampbell
Carolyn Brown
Debbie A
Joseph Zarr

Donating Seeds
So many of you, thank you! Special thanks to:
William Schlegal, for donating all of the seeds in the promiscuous tomato packets.

Future Supporters
Some of you just got involved, and I look forward to adding you to this page soon!
And there’s a lot more to do, so if you want to be in on this list in the future just message me!