iPad issues

Adding a post is a little painful on my iPad, which I only ever use in landscape orientation, never portrait. I normally use the SwiftKey keyboard but everything gets too scrunched up with that open. Also, only part of the screen is used by the input box. The other half simply duplicates what I’m typing! The issue is partly resolved by “centering” the input box.
I doubt that this can be changed but I bring it to your attention in hope!

I only use this forum on a desktop so I don’t know if this will be the same for you. But, in case it is, take a look at this:

If you hold down on 1, you can drag that box border up and down, changing the size. If you write comments that’s quite useful to make bigger, or then if in the middle of replying but need to read other comments and/or quote from them in the conversation, making it smaller can be useful too.

Then if you click on 2, you can collapse the preview function. So you just get what you are typing, no preview on the right side of it.

One more complicated thing is a little hard for me to explain because I no longer see the default version, and that is regarding the menu on the left. Mine might look different from yours. On a desktop/laptop, the column on the left with the menu stuff, had an option at the bottom (somewhere around item 3 on the above image) that you could click to change the … what’s that called… the ‘theme’. Well I changed it to… can’t remember what it was called, maybe ‘collapsible menu’ or something. For me that’s much better - when I want that stuff on the left to all disappear (which is most of the time!) I click on the menu icon at the top left of the screen. When I want it to reappear, I click on that again and it does so. So I can keep my screen very tidy and uncluttered.

Since I changed that theme I can’t seem to unchange it, so I can’t show you the images of how that is done or the exact terms, sorry. But anyway with the theme like this, this is now how it would appear if I hide the menu, and do those things for 1 and 2 that might help you out:

Personally I tend to like the preview since for example in this comment I am writing to you, I can see how my formatting appears and the images, etc. But anyway I hope this helps.

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Are you using the forum in a browser or in the appstore app?

Whichever you’re using, if you use the other one is it any different?

Also couldn’t quite tell… are you categorically opposed to trying the forum in portrait mode? If not I’d suggest giving it a go to see what you think, if so n/m :slight_smile:

Sorry I forgot to address this @Justin , to change your theme back to the default version, click on your profile pic, click on person icon, then Pereferences, then Interface (below Account), then choose the Air theme. (Some themes have the theme toggle option, some apparently don’t).

Ah thanks @julia.dakin - oh that’s weird, you replied using ‘Julia Dakin’ account but I can’t tag that, only ‘julia.dakin’ - strange. Anyway, thanks! I checked out the other themes now and there are a few that give the collapsible menu, not only the one actually entitled ‘Collapsible Category Groups’, but to be honest I can’t really tell the difference between them so I’m sticking with that. Certainly nice to be able to make that left bar disappear :slight_smile:

It’s nice that it gives us a fair bit of flexibility!

Thank you @Justin. I did discover the little ‘button’ to expand/collapse the preview box. Very useful. I can get the bar to expand/shrink the edit box to work only sometimes. I suspect this has to do with loss of texture on my fingertips. I’m 70 years old and my fingerprints have all but worn away. I can’t use fingerprint id for example.
Very useful tip about collapsing the side menu. Thank you.


@Ryder, I didn’t know there was an app! I’ll check it out.
No, I’m not opposed to using my iPad in portrait orientation. It’s just that I don’t have a stand that will allow that. I might invest in one.