Sweet Peppers


I planted a row of Joseph’s sweet peppers, a row of some very nice bells that I’ve had good luck with before, and a row of dark brown bells I bought from a local seed breeder. Generally this season didn’t do good for peppers compared to last year, they were planted in some of the weaker soil in my garden, and I think got over soaked and parched a couple times over the season.

Still this was a recent harvest of peppers I’d decided to dry out to make a sort of paprika, and I saved a good selection of seeds from all plants. The red bells I’ve grown before are about perfect flavor wise, and very productive, but the limbs are overly brittle. There was a yellow banana looking sweet pepper from Joseph’s population with very straight and sturdy limbs, I’m hoping those lines will hook up and sort out their traits.


If they don’t do it on their own, you may want to play matchmaker with their flowers. :wink:


Have you tried the “perfect swarm” grex from wild mountain seeds? They are also in Colorado. I had a great success with those seeds here in northern california, and those genetics are pretty heavily represented in the grex we are distributing in the Landrace Seed Share program.

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