Really enjoying these wooly currant tomatoes

Planted several wooly currant tomatoes from HRseeds. From the 3 plants I have each has its own fruit phenotype. I planted the rest of the seeds last week so hopefully I’ll have more later in the season. The small orange phenotype is more tropical tasting to me. Mango and orange sorta. The other two are more like cherry tomatoes but the flavor is intense. The most intense flavor I’ve had on a tomato. Hints of bitterness in each but I like it a lot. The plants are productive, early, and the foliage is very pretty. When the plants were younger they were almost silver green but since its gotten hotter, or they’ve matured more, they’ve lost a lot of the white hairs and are more green.


Sounds wonderful, especially the tropical flavours.

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Wow, that sounds awesome! I’m glad you found them!

The fuzzy leaves look fun to touch, too.

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